A New Member’s Guide to the “Top 10 Things I Should Know About the PHGA”

1. Our motto is to promote the best interest of the game of golf thereby promoting good fellowship and sportsmanship.

2. Playing opportunities consist of joining a permanent reserved starting time (PRST) group either on Saturday or Sunday, be a substitute for the weekend groups (teams are always looking for subs), golf with the Thursday morning group, play in the monthly travel event, or enter in various events or holiday tournaments.

3. All new members start by playing the blue tees or blue-white combo tees until 5 rounds are played. Female members start from the white tees.

4. A PHGA handicap index is maintained for each member. New members must record 5 official scores before handicaps are calculated using the USGA formula.

5. Players are “flighted” in every event, based on their established handicap.

6. The Golf Enjoyed More (GEM) program was created to allow for the use of alternate tees other than the PHGA standard Blue Tees. Please check the GEM Program section under Membership Info for all the details.

7. Only scores recorded in an official PHGA event are used for handicap. At least eight PHGA members must be present for the event and at least two PHGA members must be in the foursome.

8. Always assume we are playing the ball “as it lies” unless notified. All putts must be holed out (no “gimmies”). Always ask playing partners for assistance if not sure.

9. All games are played using net scores (gross score minus handicap). Gross scores are never used to determine results.

10. Go to www.phgagolf.com to get all the detail: event schedules, member application, PHGA history and all member information.