2019-03 Board Meeting Minutes


Call to order:  7:03 PM


PRESENT:  Mike Bower, Bob Bem, Bob Doherty, Tim Geier, Eric Schorsch, Dan Hotchkins, Jim Jessogne, Bill Knudsen, Larry Niemczyk, Joe Petricca, Bob Mathieson, Harry Spila, Bill Crowley.


ABSENT:  Greg Brunks, Karl Costello, Jim Romanek, Dan Stockwell, John Helpap, Joe Saccomanno, Jim Toth.


1.      Minutes of 2-7-19.  Minor change to MIP program, motion to approve 1st Bob Doherty and 2nd

Jim Jessogne.  Approved


2.     Golf Course Update-Pro Dan Hotchkins

a.     Earliest to open will be 3-25 due to wet/frozen grounds.

b.     Lost some trees but not a major issue.

c.      In budget $100,000 to start first phase to control flooding.  Possible to start in 2020 in culvert area and should not be an issue for the golfers.

d.     Special Olympics date 6-6-19. Dan requested 10 volunteers from the PHGA.  Larry Niemczyk and Bill Crowley to organize volunteers.


3.      Treasurers Report-Joe Sacco absent.  Computer expense of $2275.  Motion to table until April meeting, Bob Bem 1st and 2nd Jim Jessogne-approved.


4.      Park District Report- Joe Petricca-Budget passed with 1st phase approval for $100,000 to start repairs on  flooding issue at golf course. 


5.     Committee Assignments Update.   Eric Schorsch accepted chairman of Adopt A Hole. 


6.     Webmaster Update- Greg Brunks absent- Bob Bem reported Greg has been changing and updating website and is on target.  Suggestion from the floor to add a website link to

the Palatine Hills Golf Course, Bob mentioned he would bring issue to Greg’s attention to add.


7.      Scorekeeper-Bob Bem

a.     New system Version 1.0 on stream and complete.

b.     Takahashi Classic.  Bob sent spread sheets to Mark the programmer to look at possible costs to continue with program.  Bob reported that the future update costs will have a window of $2,800 to 3,600 expense.  Bob motioned to approve future costs with a $3,600 maximum, discussion, motion 1st by Bob Doherty and 2nd by Bill Crowley, motion carried/ approve


8.     Travel Events- Bob Bem. Travel events to be held on 5/16, 6/20, 7/25 and 8/15.   Bob to send information  to members as to course, format, costs, etc.  Approved by committee members, B. Bem, D. Stockwell and Fred Hall.  If B.Bem does not attend the event, he can do the scoring and post it on the website if a player in attendance sends a photo copy of the scorecards.  Players will receive their payouts before leaving the course.


9.      MIP program. Funded for 2019.  In addition same mystery donor will provide a Makray  foursome for the spring kick off raffle on April 12. 


10.    New Member Committee-Karl Costello absent but sent detailed update for meeting.  To date we have 7 new members.  Karl to send an email St Patrick’s day weekend to the members reminding them to recruit. Karl also sent an update on the Scramble in which 13 teams have already  signed up to play. .  Karl mentioned the Scramble is a great way to bring in a new member as a partner. Another email will be sent to the members reminding them to attend.


11.  Match Play: Bob Mathieson- to date we have 14 sign ups with a field of 32 max. 


12.  Gem Committee- Bob Mathieson.  Bob handed out update to Gem program.  With committee approval the black tees have been added for those golfers with a handicap of 8 or below. Black tee players must maintain 8 handicap or revert back to the blue tees after their first five qualifying rounds.  Changes have to be requested thru Gem committee with one change per year.  Updated information to be placed by Bob Bem on website. 


13.  Member Guest-Bob Mathieson. Report tabled until April meeting.


14.  Rules Of Play- Eric Schorsch and Bob Doherty.  Adoption of USGA Rules of Play for the local rule.

As described in Palatine Hills Scorecard, preferred lies(winter rules) adverse course condition and alternative to stroke and distance. Unanimous approval by the board.  See website for 2019 rule changes.  Eric Schorsch volunteered to hold a 30-45 minute seminar on 2019 Rules Change prior to Kick Off reception on April 12.


15.   Pace Of Play- Eric Schorsch. Eric gave us many suggestion to improve pace of play.  Refer to USGA Rule 18.2a lost ball, rule 17.3 limiting ball to identity, rule 13.1 actions allowed on putting green and rule 13.2a leaving flagstick in hole.  In addition: ready golf, plan your shot ahead of time, mark your ball, help others find ball, green and putt when ready.  Cart golf: drop off partner and go to your ball, exit green promptly, score at next tee box.  Help search others for missing ball but after you hit your own ball to keep the game moving.


16.   Historian-John Helpap absent. No report.


17.  Members health:  Gary Schwietz-still going thru tests and treatment. 




              By-law changes for board positions:  Bob Doherty

PHGA proposed law change under Article VI Section III.

After “The secretary shall email notice of the annual elections to all regular members along with the instructions as to procedure”.

“The nominating committee shall present their recommended slate to the full board for approval for the ensuing year.  The nomination committee slate will be noted on the ballot as the nominating committee proposed slate.  Should any other active PHGA member wish to nominated himself/herself as a candidate for any of the Executive Committee position he/she may do so within thirty days of election or July 31(whichever date comes first), he/she will be placed on the ballot with his/her picture plus the office in which they are seeking election”

Above motion was proposed by Bob Doherty and 2nd by Bob Bem.  Discussion and approved by Board.




1.      Salute update:  Bill Crowley.  Salute website is open to accept golfers and sponsors: www.saluteinc.org    This year we are earmarking funds for a young parachutists who was mangled  in a jump.  The golf outing will be held at Rolling Green Country club, Rolling Meadow on Monday July 15, 2019.  We expect to have another full slate of 120 golfers with the support of the PHGA volunteers.  Fred Hall is this year Chairman and we ask for key sponsors for the luncheon, outing green and practice range. We ask for volunteers to work mainly from 9:30 to noon. Also requested will be items for the silent auction.   Larry Kozlicki has already committed to be our main donor for naming rights under Time Savers/Salute Charity Golf Outing.

I will be sending out email blasts after the kick off activities in April.


2.      Spring Kick Off Friday April 12/ Scramble April 13. Mike Bower

Kick Off Friday, April 12 at 6:15-6:30 seminar on 2019 rules change.  Followed by 7:00 PM

Food, drink, raffle, introduction to new program and scoring. No cost but ask for a $25.00 min donation for a raffle prize.  Also 49th PHGA Anniversary letter sent out to ask for donations from retailers, restaurants, etc.  At meeting can pay dues and Scramble costs.

2 man scramble held at Palatine Hills on Sat April 13 with start at 8 AM. $20 team entrance.

Inform Mike Bower/Karl Costello of team with PHGA member number.  


Next meeting Thursday, April 11 at Palatine Hills Clubhouse


Motion to adjourn at 9:00 PM, 1st Jim Jessogne, 2nd Bob Doherty and approved.


Secretary Bill Crowley