39th Takahashi Classic 2-Ball Championship

Where: Palatine Hills Championship Golf Course
When: September 7th & 8th 2019
Cost: $180 per team
Signup Deadline: Sunday September 1st. Register on-line or use envelopes in clubhouse
Payment: Deposit in clubhouse black box by check or cash $180(make checks payable PHGA)
Note: We are limited to 50 two-player teams that qualify. The first teams signed up correctly have priority.

Event Information

This event honors the memory of Jim Takahashi and the organization he founded. The PHGA is based on the objective to promote the best interest of the game of golf, good fellowship and sportsmanship among the association members.

Participation Requirement
You must have played a minimum of 10 qualified rounds in the current season or a total of 20 qualified rounds in the current and prior consecutive seasons
Members may petition the PHGA Board for an entry exemption allowance if they have a health, family and/or situational issue which impacts their ability to meet the tournament round requirements

Event Entry Fee Includes
Takahashi Classic Kick-off dinner
Main event entry in prize pool
Team supplemental entry in prize pool
Rubak Sunday second chance entry in prize pool
Sunday food & beverages with choice of Steak, Ribs, Chicken

Main Event Format
Takahashi Classic Championship is two player, two day, net score total. If required there will be a sudden death playoff to determine a single winning team. The golf club professional will determine starting hole for playoff
All other places will split prize money for ties

Best-Ball Supplemental Event
Format is two player Better Ball
Players may sign up for supplemental teams with any other player for $20 per team.

Playing Partners
Find your own partner or if you are looking for a partner to play in the event use the PHGA mailing list to find someone. You can also let a board member of the tournament committee know and we will do what we can to help find you a playing partner.

Takahashi Classic Fall Kick-off Dinner
When: Friday before the tournament
Where: Palatine Hills Club House
Cost: Included in your entry fee
Agenda: Payout of your winnings from the year to winners by check, Supplemental Team entries will be conducted ONLY at this event, Pizza buffet and drinks will be provided, Saturday tee time drawing

Takahashi Awards Barbecue
When: Championship Sunday
Time: At the conclusion of the Sunday round the clubhouse will be reserved for PHGA Members
Where: Palatine Hills Clubhouse

Event Tee-times
Saturday start at 7:30am determined at kick-off drawing
Sunday tee-times based upon leaderboard, times begin at 12PM off 1st and 10th tees. -The top half of the leader board will go off the 1st tee, the back half off 10th tee

Each team will be given a printed copy of the rules sheet at the kick-off
Rules sheets will be made available on the Saturday morning of the event
Every participant must read the tournament rules.

Awards BBQ Food and Beverages - $80 Per Team (included in $160 entry fee)
Main Event
Two Player Net Total $40 Entry Fee Per Team (included in $160 entry fee)
1st Place 50%
2nd Place 30%
3rd Place 20%
Playoff for Title and Trophy and First Place Prize Money
Other Places Split Prize Money for Ties

Best-Ball Supplemental
Two Player Better Ball $20 Entry Fee Per Team (primary team entry included in $160 entry fee)
Supplemental team $20 entry fees
1st Place 30%
2nd Place 25%
3rd Place 20%
4th Place 15%
5th Place 10%

Rubak Sunday Second Chance Pool
$20 Entry Fee Per Team - (included in $160 entry fee)
1st Place 50%
2nd Place 30%
3rd Place 20%
Teams in First Place after Saturday's round are not eligible for the Rubak Pool and entry fee will be refunded.

Please thank the Staff of Palatine Hills for helping us with this event! We are looking forward to your participation! Play Ready Golf and Have Fun.