Frequently Asked PHGA Questions

Question: How do I use the Scoring System?
Answer: Here’s a short video tour of the Scoring system —>Scoring System Tour

Question: How do I find my Handicap for the PHGA?
Answer: The current handicaps are kept in the PHGA Scoring system. Here’s a short training video showing how to find your handicap —>How to Find My Handicap

Question: How do I find results of past games?
Answer: The results are posted in the PHGA Scoring system. Here’s a short training video showing how to display results—>How to display results

Question: How do see my winnings results?
Answer: The results are posted in the PHGA Scoring system. Here’s a short training video showing how to display results—>How to display my winnings and results

Question: How do I know what game we are playing during the PHGA weekend?
Answer: The Scoring Calendar has abbreviations for the type of game being played during the round;
- tpg - team point game
- inet - individual net
- istable - individual stableford
- tbb - team best ball
- tstable - team stableford
- tnet - team net

Question: My contact information on the PHGA Roster is incorrect. How can I get you my new contact information.
Answer: Send a message to the PHGA scorekeeper with your new contact details.

Question: How can I send a message to the PHGA membership?
Answer: We use as our email messaging service for PHGA matters. If you find that you are not receiving PHGA email messages and want to be added to the distribution list, send a message to the PHGA scorekeeper with your name, PHGA code and email address.

Question: How often are handicaps revised?
Answer: We revise the handicaps every two weeks.

Question: When do I receive my winnings for playing in a PHGA event?
Answer: When you play in the Spring, Fall and Thursday Pot Games you receive your winnings at the completion of the round scoring. If you think you have a chance at winning in these events please stick around until the completion of the scoring, hearing the stories is worth the wait. If you can’t stick around due to other commitments we try to give it to one of your friends who will see you next. Otherwise we put the envelope in the computer bag or in the black box: Someone then chases you down to give you money.

When you play in a Travel Event the chairmen distribute the winnings at the end of the day.

When you play in a Weekend event during the season payment is made by check on the evening of the Takahashi Classic Smoker. If you can’t make it to the Classic Smoker, the Treasurer will either mail you the check or hand it to you in person in the weeks following the Takahashi Classic.

Holiday Tournaments (Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day): The payout for these events occurs after the scoring of the Holiday Round.

Question: Some members who have unpaid dues won money. How can they even be eligible to win anything if they have not paid their dues?
Answer: Membership Dues Policy. Members who have not paid their membership dues and pay $10 to enter into a weekend PRST PHGA event will have their entry fee refunded. Your score will not be entered into the PHGA scoring program for your day’s play. Members can pay their dues by putting their payment in the black box in the clubhouse. The scorekeeper will check the black box to pick up scorecards at the end of the day of weekend play and check to find member due payments. Members MUST have their current dues paid in order for the weekend score to count as a PHGA round during the PRST season.

Players are encouraged to read the Information for PHGA Members Page.

Questions: How do skin bets work with the PHGA? Are they handicap adjusted or based on gross score? Do we do carryovers etc?
Answer: Skins are calculated from players NET hole score.
The skin pool pot percentage is determined by the number of players who are in the event.
Information on the pot breakdown and game selection can be found on the PHGA Games Page.

Question: Can you tell me about Tournament “T” scores and how these scores may impact a player’s handicap index?
Answer: T scores follow the USGA guidance on handicap calculation.

Question: What is my Sunday Tee-time for the Takahashi Classic? Will my Takahashi Classic Sunday Tee Time be posted on the website?
Answer: In the history of the Takahashi Classic the tee times have started at 8am and end at 9:30am. We tee off from the 1st and 10th tee in the Classic. Your team’s tee time will fall within these times. Your Sunday tee time is determined by your team score in relation to the field. High scoring teams tee off early and the leading teams tee off later in the morning.

The Sunday tee times are determined as soon as the final Saturday Scorecard is entered. The Sunday Tee Times are posted in the clubhouse and on the website. These times have been available by 3:30pm on the Saturday of the Takhashi Classic