GEM PROGRAM (Golf Enjoyed More)

To enhance the enjoyment of the game of golf the PHGA Board has adopted the GEM Program allowing members to play from tees based upon their age and/or ability for all PHGA sanctioned events.

The PHGA membership by default plays the Blue tees in all PHGA sanctioned events.  Members must petition the PHGA GEM committee requesting approval to play from an alternate tee.  The GEM committee must approve the alternate tee before any member can use an alternate tee in a sanctioned PHGA event.

If you are interested in participating in GEM contact the GEM Committee at by clicking the GEM Request button below.

GEM Program Tee Assignments

GEM Handicap Diagram.png



  • The PHGA Scoring web site is the official reference for tee assignment.  If you are unsure of your tee assignment, please check the Scoring section of the website.

  • GEM Players are allowed to play only from the tee that they have qualified. Indiscriminate changing of Tees will result in disqualification with NO REFUND

  • Those who are currently in GEM may remain in their category even though their handicap may have dropped below the minimum requirements

  • If you do not wish to continue in GEM please send a note to the GEM Committee

  • You can only switch in/out of GEM once per PHGA season

  • New PHGA members who are requesting to get into the GEM Program will become GEM members with 5 rounds played either from the blue or blue /white combo tees.

  • PHGA members that have a temporary or permanent disability may petition the GEM Committee for tee adjustment.

  • PHGA members that are 80 years old or more may request the tee of their choice from the GEM Committee