The Association was formed in 1970 as Palatine Hills Mens Golf Association. The object of this Association is to promote the best interest of the game of golf and thereby to promote the good fellowship and sportsmanship of the Association members. Membership is restricted to golfers of good character and sportsmanship.

Our Board consists of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and 11 elected Directors. These Officers and Directors are elected annually at our Fall Smoker. In addition, the Presidents from the previous 2 years and the Handicap Chairman are automatically made Directors, giving us a total of 18 Directors. The the Park District Liaison and Historian/Librarian are positions appointed by the Board.

There were 53 members in 1970. In 1978 the name was changed to Palatine Hills Golf Association to allow women to join the Association. By 2006, the Association had grown to over 160 members.


1970 Jim Takahashi
1971 Jim Takahashi
1972 Jim Takahashi
1973 Loren Miller
1974 Grover Simpson
1975 Ernie Purcelli
1976 Ray Byrnes
1977 Ron Cwik
1978 Bernie Reget
1979 Don Trinite
1980 Don Trinite
1981 Dick Semelsberger
1982 Al Kaelin
1983 Bob Mathieson
1984 John Helpap
1985 Dave Gish

1986 Willie Herrmann
1987 Willie Herrmann
1988 Jim Nolan
1989 Carl Kaminsky
1990 Sheldon Durtsche
1991 Dick Semelsberger
1992 John Helpap
1993 Ernie Sakowicz
1994 Ernie Rubak
1995 Don Kriley
1996 Tom Dorsch
1997 Gene Dorsch Jr
1998 Larry Niemczyk
1999 Larry Niemczyk
2000 Bob Alexander
2001 John Maniscalco

2002 Bob Lada
2003 Jim Toth
2004 Del Foster
2005 Derrell Gilstrap
2006 Gene Dorsch
2007 Ken Mattuck
2008 Ed Neuman
2009 Gary Schwietz
2010 Bob Bem
2011 Dave Thompson
2012 Scott Feldmiller
2013 Jim Jessogne
2014 Bill Knudsen
2015 Jim Romanek
2016 Bill Horton
2017 Dan Stockwell

2018 Bob Doherty