Season Kick-Off Meeting
Chair - Mike Bower
Raffle Solicitation - Mike Bower (Chair), Karl Costello
Food and Beverage - Jim Toth, Jim Jessogne

Spring Scramble
Chair - Karl Costello, Mike Bower

Rules of Play
Chair - Eric Schorsch

New Member Committee
Chair - Karl Costello, Jim Jessogne, Bill Horton, Tim Geier

Pot Games-Thursday in season and pre and post season
Chair - Doug James, Bill Crowley, Larry Niemczyk

Travel Events
Chair - Bob Bem, Jim jessogne, Dan Stockwell

Holiday Events
Memorial Day - Tim Geier(Chair), Larry Niemzyck, John Helpap
Independence Day-Jim Romanek(Chair), Karl Costello, Jim Jessogne, Harry Spila
Labor Day-Dan Stockwell(Chair), Bill Crowley, Joe Petricca

Bricks/Memorial presentation
Chair - Larry Niemzyck

GEM Program
Chair - Bob Matheison, Bob Bem, Bill Crowley

Handicap Committee
Chair - John Helpap, Greg Brunks, Bob Mathieson, Bob Bem

Chair - Bob Bem, Harry Spila, Scott Feldmiller

Match Play Presidents Cup
Chair - Bob Mathieson, Joe Petricca, Tim Geier

Ryder Cup
Chair - Bill Knudsen

Turkey Shoot
Chair - Scott Feldmiller(non board chair), Jim Romanek, Doug James (non board)

Member Guest
Chair -Bob Mathieson, Bob Doherty, Larry Niemczyk, Greg Brunks, Bill Crowley

Pace of Play
Chair - Greg Brunks, Dan Hotchkin(consultant)

Job Descriptions
Chair - Bob Bem , Dan Stockwell

Palatine Park District Liaison
Chair - Joe Petricca, Harry Spila

Chair - John Helpap, Fred Hall(non board)

Trophies and Awards
Chair - Bob Bem, Dan Stockwell

Takahashi Classic Two Ball Classic
Chair - Mike Bower
Reception - Mike Bower(Chair), Karl Costello
Food and Beverage - Jim Toth(Chair)
Sign up Scoring - Mike Bower(Chair), Joe Saccomano, Greg Brunks, Scott Feldmiller (non-board)
Raffle and Prizes - Bill Knudsen (Chair) Karl Costello, Harry Spila
Saturday Tee Time Drawing - Jim Romanek(Chair), Karl Costello
Sunday Awards BBQ-Dan Stockwell, Bill Horton, Jim Romanek
Exemptions-Bill Knudsen, Jim Romanek, Tim Geier

Nominating Committee
Chair - Bill Horton, Dan Stockwell, Bob Doherty

Chair - Harry Spila, Dan Stockwell