2019-08 Board Meeting Minutes (Draft)



Call to order: 7:00 PM


Present: Mike Bower, Bob Bem, Eric Schorsch, Larry Niemczyk, Greg Brunks, Dan Stockwell, Bob Doherty, Bill Knudsen, John Helpap, Joe Saccomanno, Dan Hotchkin, Joe Petricca, Bob Mathieson, Jim Jessogne and Bill Crowley


Absent: Karl Costello, Jim Toth, Jim Romanek and Tim Geier.


Guest:  Brad Helms-Supt of Grounds and Scott Feldmiller-Past PHGA President


1.     Meeting minutes of July 11- no discussion, motion to approve, 1st Joe Saccomanno and 2nd Eric Schorsch, approved.


2.     Golf course update-Dan Hotchkin and Brad Helms-Discussion on Member Guest event on Sept 14 starting time due to remain at 12:30.


There will be a Palatine Park District Meeting on Aug 13 at 7:00 PM at Park District HQS room B and major topic will be upgrades to alleviating flooding on holes 15, 16 and 18.

The short term project will cost $100,00 and long term expense will be $1,500,000.  Brad urged any PHGA board member to attend meeting to boost the project for approval.  Mike Bower will draft a statement from the PHGA to express our concerns and desire for approval.


3.     Treasurers report-Joe Saccomanno- 164 members, current checking account balance $22,685.17.  A $900.00 expense for a new computer.

Joe distributed detailed balance sheet which indicates our revenues will

cover expenses thru 2019 with a positive rollover into 2020.


4.    Park District report.  Joe Petricca said the Park District honored the heroes who quickly attended to John Bodolay when he collapsed on the 1st hole during the 4th of July event.


5.     Webmaster report-Greg  Brunks-no report.


6.    Scorekeeper-Bob Bem-Bob did meet with programmer for three hours and system is ready to go for The Takahashi.   Bob will attend Labor Day event for scoring.


7.    Travel Events- Bob Bem-Year to date there have been robust turnout for the travel events.  July we had a full field of 40 and as of today the Aug event we have 28 golfers ready to play.  Discussion on stroke limit and committee decided to have no limit as the handicap will adjust each score.


8.    MIP Program- Bob Bem-2019 fully funded and winner will be announced at the Takahashi.  The MIP program will run thru permanent tee times with 3 flights.


9.    New Member-Mike Bower-  shelved until new chairperson is announced for 2020.


10.  Match Play-Bob Mathieson.  A flight in their last round and B flight completed.


11.GEM Program-Bob Mathieson-Program working well.  We have had several movements in 2019 including 2 players moving to the back tees.


12.Member Guest Event Sept 14 Bob Mathieson-Palatine Hills with a start time of 12:30. To date we have 16 signed.  Jim Jessogne volunteered to place flyers around the clubhouse and Bill Crowley to contact all new 2019 members. 


13.Rules of Play-Erick Schorsch and or Bob Doherty to discuss yellow and red markings with Dan Hotchkin to make sure they confirm with course rules.


14.Pace of Play-Erick Schorsch-no report.


15.Historian-John Helpap-gathering pictures for a display at the Takahashi.


16.Member Health-all- John Bodolay recovering and has spent time at work.  Frank Constable fighting health issues.  Former member Ed Neuman has many serious heath problems and fighting the battle.


Old Business


1.    Secure Black Box-Jim Toth.—Larry  Niemczyk informed the board that he noticed Dan Hotchkin handling a 2 x 4 to secure the black box to the

Wall in the clubhouse.   Until black box is secure it will be in the pro shop


2.     2020 PHGA Board ballots-Motion to not have an election in 2019 for 2020

Board as the Executive committee will be filled by Tim Geier as Secretary. The vacancy of two Directors will be George Nassif and Rick Green. 

Motion by Dan Stockwell and Bob Doherty, 1st Joe Petricca, 2nd Bob Bem, approved.


New Business


1.     Labor Day Tournament-Dan Stockwell, Joe Petricca and Bill Crowley

As of today we have 45 sign ups-Committee members held meeting to determine job assignments.  1st email blast already sent to members, Greg Brunks set up on web site, Joe Saccomanno to contact pro shop for gift cards and Joe Petricca/Dan Stockwell to check black box.


2.     Takahashi preparation- Mike Bower-  detailed time line, job description,

            Assignments and check list prepared by Greg Brunks and Scott Feldmiller.

            Check list distributed to all board members.


Motion to adjourn, approved, adjourned 8:25 PM


Submitted by Secretary Bill Crowley