When: All Summer
Cost: $20.00
Sign-Up Deadline: April 12, 2017
Sign-Up and Payment: Send payment to Bob Mathieson 1071 Hunting Drive Palatine Illinois 60067 Make checks payable to the PHGA
Questions: Bob Mathieson ( 847-991-0928 

Bracketed Results


2 Flights (16 players per flight)

  1. 4 cash winners each flight

  2. Matches begin April 23

  3. Strokes based on difference between CURRENT handicaps

  4. In the event of a tie, scorecard will be matched beginning on 17th hole and proceeding backward

  5. PHGA Rules of Play apply = REFER TO 2018 RULES CARD

  6. GEM Players play from respective tees, with handicaps from those tees.

  7. Match play must be completed within allotted time frames to avoid disqualification at Match Play Committee’s discretion.  Extensions are subject to Match Play Committee review.

  8. All Match play events must be played at Palatine Hills.

  9. Any disputes will be reviewed by the Match Play Committee

  10. Prize money/trophies presented at PHGA Year-End Banquet.

  11. Match play winners will post scores on the pairing sheet in the Clubhouse, indicating final results as, for example: “1UP” (Player “A” was up one hole after 18 holes were completed); “7 and 6” (Player “A” is up 7 holes w/six to play); “4 and 2” (Player “A” is up 4 holes w/two to play); “1UP T” (Match was all square after 18 holes, but player “A” won on scorecard playoff – see rule #5)

  12. Results will be posted in the Clubhouse and the PHGA website

  13. Payout Schedule:

  14. Win 2 matches = $30.00 (2 winners)

  15. Win 3 matches = $90.00 (2nd place)

  16. Flight Champion = $170.00 plus Trophy (1st place)

  17. Entry fee: $20.00

Match Play Committee contact info:

Bob Mathieson (;847-991-0928  

Joe Petricca (; 847-705-9263

Karl Costello ( 847-456-3926