Mid-Season Check for the Takahashi 2-Man Tournament


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You must have played a minimum of 10 qualified rounds in the current season or a total of 20 qualified rounds in the current and prior consecutive seasons. Members may petition the PHGA Board for an entry exemption allowance if they have a health, family and/or situational issue which impacts their ability to meet the tournament round requirements

2019 Rules of Golf

Rules of Golf.jpg

In 2019, there will be major changes to the game of golf.

Please click the USGA Video Explanations below to access the video.

USGA Video Explanation

USGA Quick “Fun” video about key new rules

Here is a PDF summary from the USGA —>USGA PDF

Top 20 Most Important Rules Changes (with links to USGA)
Search Time – Reduced from 5 minutes to 3 minutes
Ball Moved During Search – Replace the ball, NO PENALTY
Embedded Ball – allows relief for a ball embedded anywhere in the “general area” (that is, the area previously known as “through the green”), except when embedded in sand
Measuring A Drop – Use longest club (except putter)
Dropping – Drop from knee height rather than shoulder
Taking Stance On Wrong Green Is Not Permitted
Ball Unintentionally Hits Player or Equipment – NO PENALTY
Double Hit – NO PENALTY, It only counts as ONE stroke.
Touching Sand In Bunker Incidentally Is Permitted
Loose Impediments Can Be Removed Anywhere Including Hazards
Dropping A Ball Out Of Bunker – 2 Penalty Strokes
Water Hazards – Now Called Penalty Areas
Touching Ground in Penalty Area – No Penalty
Ball Moves On Green After Being Marked – Replace Without Penalty
Ball Accidentally Moved On Putting Green – Replace No Penalty
All Damage To Green Can Now Be Repaired
Positioning A Club For Alignment Is Not Permitted
Caddie or Partner Assisting with Alignment is Now Not Permitted
Putting With Flag Stick In Hole Is Now Permitted
Ball Wedged Against Flag Stick And Side Of Hole Is Deemed As Holed
Local Rule for Lost Ball or Ball Out of Bounds

2019 Membership Payment Due


When: Payment due any time before first PRST tee time April 27/28
Amount: $60 — $70 if paid after April 27/28
Payment: All checks should be made out to the PHGA

  1. Place your check or cash in an envelope in the Black box in the Palatine Hills Clubhouse noting your name and PHGA member number

  2. Give Joe Saccomanno your payment at the Spring Kick-Off event

  3. Send your payment to the address below noting your name and PHGA member number
    Joe Saccomanno
    45 East Gilbert Road
    Palatine Illinois 60067